Danger Danger!

Watch out boys Imogen is in a fowl mood today! Her last Slave didn’t last as long as she wanted! Call if you think your man enough for her Xxx

All head of departments

Managing directors and the like. How about letting someone else take the strain for a while..why not see what it is like having the tables turned on you…let someone else boss you around, tell you what they want you to do and make you look small. Our ladies are the best and will make you work for your money, just like you do all day long to other people. Try us!

Hey you.

Why go to all the trouble of taking someone out to dinner…wining and dining..wasting your cash…then find out that the girl you are with likes you!! Yes thats right… if you want to be humiliated for less money than a Beef Wellington…. give me a call and let me give you a hard time! X

Bored at home

Are you bored with the same old routine? Is your partner just not doing it for you? Well our girls will help you get out of this spell of boredom. Call us and let your imagination go Wild!

Small Dick humiliation

To all you small dicked pant pissing worms out there! YOU had better call me tonight as I am fucking horny and wanting to make you Squirm like the maggots you are!

Nina X

Mornin’ Losers

Don’t sit there alone when you could be talking to me. The only amusement I get during the day is talking to the likes of you. My time is precious so call me now!

You have tried the rest

Now try the best….our ladies love to humiliate and dominate..we love to hear from wimps like you. Take the chance and call for the ultimate in humilation.

Calling All Slaves…

Mistress Stephanie here calling all you pathetic slaves to come and obey my every command and I will punish you for the privellege… My toilet needs cleaning so you’d better bring your toothbrush!

Call me

I have time on my hands now to deal with you snivveling wretches. You want me to laugh at your tiny dick…well I am ready for you. I will make you sorry you ever called but at the same time begging for extra time.

Lashes of love

Lashes of pain…do you like the sting of a whip on your arse…I like giving out punishment in the name of love. I love it, you take it. Call me now.