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I’m sat here at home waitng for someone to call me. It’s not that I’m lonely, I’m just horny. I need to find a man who will serve me unconditionally and do exactly what i ask. Some men just haven’t got the bottle to do exactly what i want them to. I want a slave that i can use to completely satisfy my needs before I allow them to satisfy theirs. I like to be cruel and make them wait until they have to explode. If you think you’re the man for the job then call me on 01489 866606. You’ll pay on your credit card – but I’m worth it.  Stephanie x


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I thought you might like to know about an experience I had when I rang Dirty-phone-sex.co.uk. They say that it’s the home of British explicit Phone Sex. Well I use this line quite a lot as it is without doubt the most explicit adult phone sex and sex chat experience ever.


I was working abroad at the time so I couldn’t use the normal premium rate lines. The great advantage of this phone sex service is that you can use it from anywhere in the world – so if like me,  you’re an ex-pat seeking horny phone sex you can use the dirty-phone-sex.co.uk numbers and you simply pay on your credit or debit card.  


I remember calling one of the lines some years ago and had phone sex with the sexiest bitch I’d ever encountered. Her language was really foul and explicit she used all the filthy words I love. She had a very young sounding voice which was a real turn on. She told me what she was wearing and I really believe she took her cloths off as we got going. I could hear her rubbing her wet cunt. Phone sex has never been this good. “Can hear me rubbing my pussy” she said. I could, wet and sloppy.


This wonderful British sex chat operator provided fantasy phone sex as well as sex chat role play. I couldn’t resist asking her to pretend to be the 20 year old girl who lives next door. She asked me what her name was. I told her and she went off in to a fantasy about the girl next door. She told me what she would do to her and what I should do to her. It was the best sex chat ever. This role play thing is a real turn on for me, especially when the girl you’re talking to joins in on the fantasy. It’s not just role play they cover all aspects of phone sex; domination sex chat, humiliation and feminisation sex chat are also available from these sex chat ladies. They have very submissive sex chat girls too. They will do anything you ask and enjoy being dominated by sex chat callers. You can see that this is a very British brand of phone sex.


One of my best sex chat calls was a two girl call with a lady in her early sixties and a girl of nineteen. Imagine that, one old and one young sex chat girl. The older woman took the lead and made the younger girl lick her arsehole and her cunt. It was so horny I only lasted a few minutes. These sex chat girls will recreate any phone sex fantasy you have no matter how explicit or depraved.


Most men fantasise about having two girls together but this has to be the ultimate fantasy. Two sex chat girls at a time one old and one young phone sex girl at the same time – quite an experience. Phone sex is safe, confidential and private. It is also discretely billed so no one would know what you’ve been doing.  You can pay for your sex chat by credit card which means that there is no record of the phone sex on your phone bill. This a big plus to many sex chat callers. If like me you’re calling from outside theUKyou can only use credit card phone sex. Premium rate sex chat doesn’t work from abroad.


I think they have every right to pride themselves on having the best phone sex girls in the country if not the world. They don’t mind how depraved and filthy their language is as long as you are completely satisfied with your phone sex experience. I also like the idea of the telephone affair. I have been calling the same girl for years, she knows exactly what sort of phone sex I like. She provides me with a real Girl friend experience; She is always genuinely pleased to hear from me and seems to enjoy the sex chat session as much as I do. I love the idea of a phone sex telephone affair with the girl of my dreams. I don’t think I’m the only one who calls back time after time. Many of their customers call us back time after time to talk to their own special phone sex operator.


So the only limits are your limits. The phone sex girls will be happy to provide what ever sex chat experience you want and need, they certainly do for me. Anyway I’m off to give them a call, I’m going to give their sex chat girls a real seeing to. Give them a try they will be looking forward to hearing from you for some really pervy phone sex or a stimulating phone sex affair.

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Humiliateme.co.uk provides all kinds of bizarre humiliation sex chat lines designed to make you feel insignificant and pathetic. Humiliation phone sex is very popular amongst those who like to be laughed at and made to feel like a big sissy. Domination phone sex and domination sex chat are also very popular, we have many satisfied clients who enjoy being dominated and humiliated privately and publicly. They like to be laughed at and mocked by groups of women. Domination phone sex is different and requires callers to follow the instructions they are given by their mistress. Humiliation phone sex may involve you having to be naked in front of a group of women whilst they take the piss out of your pathetic little dick and laugh at you derisively. Domination sex chat is led by the mistress who is normally quite cruel and harsh with her slaves. She expects total obedience and won’t tolerate any cheek during her domination phonesex session.


Humiliation phone sex could involve forced feminisation or sissyfication. Your mistress might dress you up like a big sissy girl during your humiliation sex chat so that she and her friends can laugh at you and make you feel ridiculous. The best humiliation sex chat should leave you feeling pathetic but satisfied. Our mistresses might make you wait to cum until they are completely ready. Our domination phone sex girls will usually let you come before the call ends but only if you have been an obedient slave during your humiliation phone sex call. You might be lucky and the mistress may invite you to call her back on another occasion. This is something of an honour only awarded to the most obedient domination phone sex callers. Such privileges have to be earned by supplication and submission. Domination sex chat ladies are generally more mature and have a wealth of experience in their chosen domination sex chat field. They may choose to use their men like animals, to run and fetch or they may choose to use you as a toilet or your tongue as an arse cleaner. It really depends how they feel at the start of their humiliation sex chat call.


If you want to join our little group, our group of men who love to be dominated and humiliated then give us a call. Our humiliation sex chat Ladies are very discerning and will only deal with callers who are prepared to suffer any humiliation or degradation they choose to inflict. Humiliation phone sex and domination phone sex is available 24 x7. Why not give us a call and see what you think?

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