Do you think you would qualify as my slave? My slaves are always obedient and subservient; they wouldn’t dare be anything else. I like to use my slaves for my own pleasure; I’m greedy and selfish in that way. I enjoy treating my slaves in cruel and deviant ways. I make no bones about it, I’m strict and I like them to crawl, grovel and kneel in my presence. Sometimes I like to use them as a toilet, that’s all they are good for. True slaves will love my filthy depraved ways and revel in my punishments

Only real slaves need call me. I don’t want pretended obedience, I want complete submission Pain and Humiliation.



My joy is to verbally humiliate and respond to my every need and depraved desire. Whether it’s little dick humiliation or seductive humiliation this is the place for you, the only place for you. We want to watch you get your little dick out so that we can laugh at you and take the piss. Why don’t you get your stupid little dick out and show me. Go on, play with the stupid little thing until we’ve had enough of you, then we may let you cum…….. Your pain is our pleasure.

Phone sex humiliation at it’s best.



Big softies are now required for strict Sissy training. Are you the right person for sissification. Call me to find out. You may feel humiliated dressed in girlie clothes all pink and frilly but then that’s what you want isn’t it? How sweet and pretty you will look, I love abusing and humiliating sissy girls.

Call me for Sissy training phone sex.



I am a very feminine but strict lady. I love to dress you up in sexy lingerie. Do you like the feel of sexy silky underwear against your body? I can make you up and turn you into a real lady. I can’t wait to put my hand up your skirt and feel you bulge through your silky panties, to kiss your soft rosy lips covered in red lipstick and push my tongue into your lipstick mouth. Perhaps we could have some fun, I like anal play do you?

Humilate Me

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